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Turn-Mill Center for milling and turning in a new dimension

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  • Simultaneous milling operations on main and counter spindle
  • 5-axis-interpolation for both milling spindles (available)
  • Separate subsystems for upper and lower motorized milling spindles, allowing full reverse side machining or parallel machining
  • Tool strips with a total of 12 stationary tools permanently in the working area
  • High accelerations and rapid traverse rates
  • Large tool magazine for 80 / 120 tools
  • Very short chip-to-chip times
  • Clearly structured and well accessible work area


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The innovative axis arrangement produces directional kinematics, which in turn enables comprehensive and complete machining.
The idea: A vertical machine arrangement in which the main spindle moves in the Z direction, the counter spindle in the X and Z directions, tool carrier 1 in the X, Y, and B directions, and tool carrier 2 in the Y and B directions.
The result: A design with two independent sub-systems, exceptional stiffness between moving components and machine bed, as well as impressive dynamic response.

View into the work area

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Two milling spindles are used simultaneously

The R200 sets the standard for a new generation of turn-mill centers. Two motorized milling spindles in two independent sub-systems enable cycle times that hardly have been achieved yet for complex and heavy machinable workpieces. Both heavy-duty roughing operations and highly-accurate fine-turning operations can be performed simultaneously on the main spindle and counter spindle. This parallel use increases productivity significantly compared to conventional designs. Consequently, the workpieces can be machined highly efficiently and simultaneously on the front and reverse sides.

Technical data

Main spindle, counter spindle


Bar capacity

mm 65

Spindle diameter in front bearing

mm 110

Chuck diameter

mm 175 


rpm 5500

Power at 100/40 %

kW 31,5/32

Torque at 100/40 %

Nm 125/170



Main spindle- Slide travel Z-axis

mm 390

Counter spindle - Slide travel  Z-axis / X-axis

mm 390 / 600

Tool carrier 1


Slide travel X 

mm 350 (50 below spindle center)

Slide travel Y 


± 80 

B-axis angle of rotation



Number of stationary tools VDI25  

Tool carrier 2 


Slide travel Y 


± 80 

B-axis angle of rotation



Number of stationary tools VDI25     6

Motorized milling spindle


Speed max.

rpm  18.000

Power at 100 %

kW  11

Torque at 100/25 %

Nm  19/30
Tool system     HSK-A40

Tool magazine


Max. tool diameter

mm  50 (80*)

Max. tool length

mm  180

Max. tool weight

kg  1.5

Number of tools

   80 (120)

* Neighboring stations cant't be occupied


Bar loading magazine SBL 3200 


Max./min. bar length

mm  3200/1500

Max./min. bar diameter

mm   65/20

Bar feed force/velocity

N, m/min  1400/35



L x W x H 

mm   4992 x 2412 x 2490
Control  INDEX C200-4D (Siemens 840D solutionline)


Subject to change without notice.


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